Our unique Covered Walkway modular system is designed to provide exceptional and maximum pedestrian protection around construction sites. Its modular nature allows unparalleled flexibility during assembly while helping to speed up and simplify the dismantling or relocation of the structure. Our freestanding systems can be installed Virtually anywhere and the rapid replacement of individual components is always possible, without affecting the integrity of the structure.
The components of all our structures are fully hot-dip galvanized after manufacture. The Wooden components are painted on all their surfaces to maximize their longevity and present a neat and clean appearance. A wide range of display panels are adaptable to most of our structures to accommodate both signage and advertising.

Features and Benefits:

icon  Provide pedestrian overhead protection
icon  Accommodates fascia for signage and advertising
icon  Quick dismantling

The RT-2 Covered Walkway is a strategic choice in construction scenarios where the need for extensive bracing is minimal and available space for additional posts is limited. This innovative walkway solution is designed to provide shelter and protection to pedestrians during construction activities while minimizing the need for numerous support posts.

The RT-3 Covered Walkway is the ideal choice in construction scenarios where a high loading capacity is required to ensure the safety of pedestrians during overhead construction activities. This robust and reliable walkway system is specifically designed to bear significant loads, providing a secure passage for pedestrians while construction work takes place above.