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Complete Construction Hoarding Solution

The Fence People Limited has been a Southern Ontario fence contractor since 1986. We service the Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Industries. We bring to market unique modular Plywood Hoarding Systems, Covered Walkway, Overhead Gate Protection and other applications. Our modular systems allow for fast service, simplicity and versatile solutions for any installation challenges on projects. The Products that we offer allow you to maintain site character and preserve public and future occupant perceptions towards your project as it evolves within the city.

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Construction Solution Services

Plywood Hoarding

For the benefits of security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal on a construction site, our plywood hoarding is the best option. Our quality constructed panels feature fully welded galvanized steel frames with spruce plywood, painted on

Traffic Devices

Traffic devices are essential components of road infrastructure and are designed to enhance safety, minimize traffic congestion, and improve the overall efficiency of transportation systems. They contribute to the orderly and safe movement

Concrete Products

The purpose of concrete products in construction sites and their vicinity is to establish safety measures that protect workers and individuals nearby. Concrete jersey barriers, tall wall, concrete blocks, and other such products play a crucial role

Trailer Support With Stairs

In response to evolving project requirements, we’ve taken our standard Covered Walkway system and introduced a modification that elevates its functionality. This modification allows for the creation of a high lookout point, effectively


A gate for a construction site serves multiple crucial functions, such as ensuring security, safety, and controlled access for vehicle. It prevents unauthorized entry to the site, thereby minimizing the potential for theft, vandalism, and accidents.

Temporary Panels

Our Temporary Panels and Welded Wire panels are designed for durability and security. They feature fully-welded frames, with woven steel mesh for the former and galvanized wire mesh for the latter. Both types come with standard bases

Overhead Gate Protection

Protection is our priority, and that’s why we’ve developed a fully engineered Overhead Gate System—a modular structure meticulously designed to guarantee safe pedestrian passage in and around construction site vehicle entrances.

Specialty Projects

Over the last 35 years, we’ve seen and met the growing demand for specialized and exceptional construction solutions to comply with city by-laws. Our unwavering dedication to fully meet our customers’ needs has led to the development

Covered Walkway

Our unique Covered Walkway modular system is designed to provide exceptional and maximum pedestrian protection around construction sites. Its modular nature allows unparalleled flexibility during assembly while helping to speed up and


A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

icon  Design & Engineering

icon  Environment Friendly

icon  Customize Products

icon  98% of Lumber Components will be Recycle