Toronto is widely known as the Condo capital of North America and this is truly evident in the luxury construction of many of the Toronto area condos. With this increased demand comes a strain on the infrastructure and communities within these areas. The Fence People Limited is a full solutions company providing reliable Fencing, Plywood Hoarding, Covered Walkway and Overhead Gate protection for construction job sites and other sensitive projects. The Fence People Limited takes the safety, convenience and aesthetics into careful consideration when designing their engineered enclosures. Recently they have introduced a 60 ft protected gate construction entrance system, first in the industry.

The benefits to a 60 ft gate are numerous. Specifically: large 18 wheeler access without lane closures, dual lane traffic via entrance, and increased visibility for both pedestrians and construction vehicles. Visibility around these large clear gates is effectively enhanced through the incorporation of mandatory window panels adjacent to the protective Overhead Gate and structural stability is ensured with its attachment to The Fence People Limited Plywood Enclosure and Covered Walkway protective system. All systems are fully engineered, providing durability and longevity to guarantee safety and elegance. Strength, along with precision installation, allows the systems to withstand the forces of nature and construction processes to prevent disasters in and around job sites. Modular paneling allows for unique site elevations and custom enclosures.


In 2015 Toronto will be hosting the Pan Am games, and with 239 high rises slated for the next 8 years the congestion in the Toronto Core will be monumental. To reduce congestion around construction sites of these high rises it will be essential to keep construction related vehicles within these enclosed sites. With tight quarters and smaller footprints to construction sites The Fence People Limited have developed an elevated site office. An engineered elevated site office unique to The Fence People Limited neatly frees up space within the construction site, maintains pedestrian safety under the site with a walkway and is consistent with keeping an attractive urban enclosure.