The purpose of concrete products in construction sites and their vicinity is to establish safety measures that protect workers and individuals nearby. Concrete jersey barriers, tall wall, concrete blocks, and other such products play a crucial role in redirecting, slowing down, or stopping vehicles that may accidentally veer off course. These safety measures are essential for preventing more severe collisions, ensuring the well-being of everyone on or near the construction site.

Features and Benefits:

icon  Create Boundaries
icon  Minimize damages
icon  Pedestrian safety

The Jersey barrier is utilized to establish a perimeter around the construction site, mitigating potential harm to pedestrians caused by construction activities and vehicles. It also serves as a traffic control measure, acting as a divider. Jersey barriers find application in areas where ground anchoring is not feasible.

The substantial weight of approximately 10,000 lbs makes the tall wall an ideal choice for anchoring the foundations of robust and large-scale structures. Furthermore, its formidable presence plays a crucial role in safeguarding pedestrians from vehicular traffic, thereby significantly reducing the risk of accidents and mitigating the potential for damage in the surrounding environment.

The corner jersey barrier serves the purpose of connecting two jersey barriers at a 90º angle, offering not only structural integrity but also providing a polished and aesthetically pleasing corner through its secure and visually appealing I-lock connection with the jersey barriers.

The One Side Slope Jersey Barrier is strategically employed in situations where space is the challenge. This specialized barrier design offers a practical solution by featuring a sloped profile on one side and flat on other side.

Concrete blocks are versatile and offer essential extra weight for structural bracing. They act as dependable anchor points, ensuring stability and structural integrity.