Our Overhead Gate Protection system features a modular structure that is specifically designed to ensure safe pedestrian passage around construction site vehicle entrances. This system simultaneously provides increased visibility to on-site
vehicles exiting the construction area to effectively prevent potential accidents.

Visibility is effectively enhanced through the incorporation of mandatory window panels adjacent to the protective Overhead Gate and structural stability is
ensured with its attachment to our Plywood Hoarding and Covered Walkway
protective systems.

The components within our Overhead Gate Protection system includes
solid rod materials, angle bars, U Channels and multiple sized tubes
that all are completely hot dip galvanized following fabrication.
Lumber components are all completely painted to enhance
longevity and product appearance.

Our fully-engineered Overhead Gate Protection systems
are available in 20′, 24′, 30′ and 40′ wide options
to suit various construction site needs.

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