In the past decade, condominium developments have exponentially increased within Toronto’s downtown core and surrounding area to address growing urban residential needs and TFP has played a supportive part. This urban phenomena was well-documented in Adam McDowell’s National Post article illustrating Toronto’s largest residential structures (April 23, 2010).

Our company is very proud to say that we have been directly involved with each of the tallest structures indicated – including Aura at College Park that will be crowned Canada’s largest residential structure when completed in 2012. Our Aura at College Park sub-contracting commitments include: plywood hoarding enclosures, protective covered walkway, and eight overhead gates. A special requirement was also requested by the site’s general contractor, Canderal Stoneridge, to attach a protective pathway to an existing building to enable pedestrians to safely access the College Park Mall. TFP’s project development department designed, engineered and installed a customized wall-bracing structure in March 2010 to successfully satisfy this requirement.