A quarter of a century ago, we began our business with the primary goal of providing superior professional property protection to our clients. Over the years, that commitment has not changed, however, what we do and how we effectively do it certainly has. With genuine vision, professional innovation and plenty of hard work, we have progressively evolved into new leading-edge areas of project development protection. 

Today, using both manual and robotic technology, we privately manufacture modular plywood hoarding systems, customized covered walkways/laneways, and fully engineered overhead gate protection systems that can safely be assembled anywhere at any time. We have continued to strategically modify, customize and expand our product line and installation capabilities to more safely, aesthetically and effectively address any specific client job site requirement. What we have said about our professional protective services since 1985 is still true, “If we can’t do it, it can’t be done.” 

As we celebrate this special company milestone, we are so grateful to our clients who have trusted our professional services and have repeatedly returned to us for assistance. We are truly proud of the work we have done together and firmly plan to elevate our industry’s standards for excellence and safety to even greater heights in the years to come.

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