With more than 80 streets within the Toronto core having construction sites it has become apparent pedestrian safety has become Condominium builders top priority. Not only providing the community with a safe pedestrian-friendly walkway but also providing the community an esthetically pleasing enclosure. Today’s innovated enclosures are a far cry from the flimsy plywood walls and chain link fences of yesteryear. Highly engineered structures taking into consideration community impact, esthetics, sound quality and of course community safety.

In the Toronto the average daily pedestrian traffic at Yonge and Bloor is 75, 586 (within a 24 hour period). With this volume of traffic walking within feet of a high rise construction sites it is imperative to have a safe walkway. Engineered structures such as those of The Fence People Limited are engineered to protect the pedestrians and completely separate the side walk from the construction site.

What would style be without strength? Using covered walkways with engineered steel structure the enclosure can withstand substantial construction debris, without allowing this material to encroach on the pedestrian side. These covered walkways are even strong enough to hold construction site offices above freeing up space within the site. Decorative walkways keep the community and pedestrian side open and airy to reduce the claustrophobic feeling of standard covered walkways. Innovations of 12ft high walkways also allow for an open feeling, and allow the builder to decorate the enclosure with attractive advertisements.

The Fence People Limited have also done extensive studies on sound absorption from the plywood used, assisting in keeping sound volumes around the construction sites within theOntario Public Health Standards for “unnatural noise”. Metal structures generate reflective sounds which increase the volume within the walkway, disturbing the local community.

Community impact from construction sites can greatly affect commuter traffic as well. The Fence People Limited have directed their innovations to reducing construction site access, creating up to a 60 foot wide site entrances which allow large trucks turn directly into the site instead of stopping traffic locally to allow the truck to turn in. This innovation clears traffic in the area, saving the use of traffic control or worse lane closures.

Construction lane closures attribute to over a billion dollars in wasted hourly wages in the Toronto core, with construction sites being the largest contributors to this congestion. The Fence People Limited has various gated access options alleviate congestion to construction site entrances, free up lanes of traffic which reduce traffic in the Toronto Core.

With urban centers becoming more congested, trendy and reaching for the skies with stylish buildings, it is only natural for construction companies to keep up. During construction it is the local community most affected; with the assistance of clean, safe and innovated enclosures The Fence People Limited are always considering both sides of the fence.