A gate for a construction site serves multiple crucial functions, such as ensuring security, safety, and controlled access for vehicle. It prevents unauthorized entry to the site, thereby minimizing the potential for theft, vandalism, and accidents.Depending on the specific characteristics of the construction project, you may require a gate that facilitates vehicle access. Options include swinging gates, sliding gates, or folding gates.

The Bi-Folding gate is an ideal choice when you require a 40-foot opening gate but have limited space available. It consists of two foldable gates, allowing you to use two different openings while conserving space. One of the key advantages of this gate is its lightweight construction, making it easy for a single person to open and close.

When you need a 50-foot or 60-foot opening gate but space is limited, the Tri-Folding gate is the perfect solution. It’s composed of three foldable gates, enabling you to utilize three separate openings while preserving space. This gate offers the notable benefit of being lightweight, making it manageable for a single person to operate, both in opening and closing.

At construction sites, a specially designed swing gate serves as a type of gate that swings open and closed, akin to a door, with a typical hinge placement on one side. These swing gates are known for their uncomplicated yet efficient design, offering a means of controlled access and enhancing security.

When dealing with limited space where a traditional swinging gate isn’t practical, sliding gates and cantilever gates come into play. These specialized gates offer a solution by operating horizontally along a dedicated track system, allowing for smooth and efficient opening and closing. This design not only conserves space but also provides enhanced security and controlled access, making them particularly suitable for areas where space constraints are a concern.

A gate with panic hardware, also known as a panic bar gate or exit device gate, provides rapid and effortless exits during emergencies, such as fires. It ensures quick egress without specialized knowledge or tools and is used for both security control and employee-restricted access.

Turnstile gates play a crucial role in enhancing security, preventing unauthorized access, and maintaining order in a variety of environments, ultimately contributing to the safety and efficiency of these spaces.